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    Homeowner Spotlight


    Beginning March 1, 2014, the nine month transformation on the soon-to-be home of Sandy Lucarelli, her two daughters, and two adult sons in the South West Area Neighborhood (SWAN District) of Elgin has been extraordinary. With 348 volunteers putting in over 4235 hours working on her home, Sandy is thrilled with everyone's efforts in helping to build a home where she will be able to raise her daughters.


    As a single mother of 4, Sandy has had her share of struggles. One of the most difficult has been maintaining stable housing for her family. Over the last 8 years, for one reason or another, they have moved 10 times. Whether it was an increase in rent that she could not afford, or the owner of a home she was renting going into foreclosure, the moves have been difficult for everyone, including the children who have had to change schools, leave friends and neighbors.


    When Sandy heard about the Habitat program through co-workers, who are also Habitat Family Partners, she decided to apply. Her co-workers had spoken positively about working with the volunteers, the process of construction, and the idea of owning a home.


    When a member of the Family Selection committee called her to tell her that she had been selected as a Family Partner, she started to cry. The idea of finally having a permanent roof over their heads was overwhelming. Sandy thanks God every day for staying by their side and never leaving them, even when she felt He had.

    Sandy's home will be completed by the end of the calendar year for her and her family to move-in at the start of 2015. Congratulations!!


    Homeowner Blog


    To follow a complete Partner Family journey with Habitat, be sure to follow this link to the Hunt Family Blog.


    Current Projects


    313 Gertrude Street, Elgin
    Sponsored By: Thrivent Financial

    116 N Channing Street, Elgin
    Sponsored By: Zurich North America

    484 Division Street, Elgin
    Sponsored By: Omron

    618 Westwind Drive, Carpentersville
    New Hope Partnership

    637 Grace Street, Elgin
    Spring of Life Partnership

    Building Together

    Our mission is more than building homes: it is building a future for deserving families. Regardless of your experience level, Habitat for Humanity of Northern Fox Valley offers many opportunities for you to get involved as an individual, group, or corporation.


    Volunteering Needs

    Habitat for Humanity of Northern Fox Valley has builds every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 8:30am to 4:00pm all year for those ages 16+.

    All of our affiliate projects are currently in Elgin. Please check VolunteerUP for our open build days and sites for individual volunteers:

    Be sure to check VolunteerUP regularly for changes/additions to the build schedule, possible projects you will be working on, or to register for a build!!


    Please note all potential projects will be updated two weeks before a build day in an announcement at the top of each VolunteerUP sign-up page. All jobs are subject to change based on productivity of teams before you, number of volunteers per work day, and weather. This list is meant to give a general idea of the stage of construction for each house.

    OPEN SIGN UP days for individual volunteers one month out:
    Wednesday, December 17
    116 N Channing Street, Elgin
    Friday, December 19
    484 Division Street, Elgin
    Saturday, December 20
    116 N Channing Street, Elgin
    Wednesday, December 31
    116 N Channing Street, Elgin
    Friday, January 2
    484 Division Street, Elgin
    Saturday, January 3
    484 Division Street, Elgin
    Wednesday, January 7
    484 Division Street, Elgin
    Friday, January 9
    484 Division Street, Elgin
    Saturday, January 10
    484 Division Street, Elgin
    Wednesday, January 14
    116 N Channing Street, Elgin
    484 Division Street, Elgin
    Friday, January 16
    116 N Channing Street, Elgin
    484 Division Street, Elgin
    Saturday, January 17
    484 Division Street, Elgin

    Questions? Contact:
    Olivia Vlahos
    Volunteer & Outreach Manager


    Holiday Giving

    Thank you to all of our supporters for contributing finacially and giving of your time throughout the year to our organization. It is through your donations that we are able to continue to build quality homes for deserving families. If you would like to make a monetary donation to our organization in response to our annual appeal, or out of the goodness of your heart as a way to pay-it-forward during the holiday season, you may visit our FirstGiving Page to make an online donation. 




    Donor Spotlight

    Randall Industries

    A very special thank you to Randall Industries for donating the use of one of their aerial lifts to help complete fascia at the peak of our current project at 313 Gertrude Street in Elgin!!



    Cars for Homes

    Have a car that is leaking oil on your drive? Consider a donation to Habitat's Cars for Homes program! Click Here for Details.

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