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    Find out how to become a Habitat homeowner, and see what is happening in our Partner Family Community.

    Homeowner Spotlight


    Family Partner, Cody Hall, became our 90th Habitat Homeowner on Friday, October 10, 2014. Cody's house in St. Charles was built by our Pottawatomie Partnership and dedicated on Sunday, October 12. Cody's Habitat journey, in her own words:


    "Being raised in a broken home left wounds on my heart and a feeling of brokenness that led me down a path of failed relationships. I eventually became a single mother of two boys. A strong and unnerving feeling of failure consumed me. I knew that I couldn't support my children on my own. The only thing that I knew to do was pray. Through my prayers, God led me to Fellowship Housing, and in my two-year journey with them, I was connected to Habitat for Humanity. Fellowship Housing paved the way for me to get back on my feet and gave me the confidence to know that I can be the mother to my boys that God made me to be. Habitat has provided me a new foundation to restart my family's future. They have not only given me this wonderful home, but also a new perspective on what the Bible says about loving your neighbor.


    When I was in Fellowship Housing -- an amazing transitional housing program for single moms -- they suggested Habitat for Humanity to me as a next step if I wanted to be a homeowner. Every stage leading up to the approval was super stressful. Actually, it was the waiting that was stressful. When I found out I was selected, I was ecstatic, shocked, excited, overwhelmed, and overjoyed. I cried at the thought of the life that I was now going to be able to provide for my kids that I thought was only a dream.


    Building my home alongside the volunteers was AMAZING. It was very humbling seeing these complete strangers working so hard to make my house the best house I could ever ask for. No words can express the amount of gratitude I have for these people. They have planted a desire in me to help others that I never had before. They are a complete inspiration, and I want to help them with their future houses for the next families.


    The first thing the boys and I will do when we move in is get a FULL night's sleep. No more crazy 5-hour-a-day commute!!"


    Congratulations Cody!!





    Homeowner Blog

    To follow a complete Partner Family journey with Habitat, be sure to follow this link to the Hunt Family Blog.


    Building Together

    Our mission is more than building a home, it's building a future for a family.  Regardless of your experience using a hammer, Habitat for Humanity of Northern Fox Valley offers many opportunities for you to get involved as an individual, a group, or as a corporation.

    Volunteering Needs

    Habitat for Humanity of Northern Fox Valley has builds every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 8:30am to 4:00pm all year for those ages 16+.

    All of our affiliate projects are currently in Elgin. Please check VolunteerUP for our open build days and sites for individual volunteers:

    Be sure to check VolunteerUP regularly for changes/additions to the build schedule, possible projects you will be working on, or to register for a build!!


    Please note all potential projects will be updated two weeks before a build day in an announcement at the top of each VolunteerUP sign-up page. All jobs are subject to change based on productivity of teams before you, number of volunteers per work day, and weather. This list is meant to give a general idea of the stage of construction for each house.

    OPEN SIGN UP days for individual volunteers through November:
    Saturday, November 8
    484 Division Street, Elgin
    Wednesday, November 12
    484 Division Street, Elgin
    313 Gertrude Street, Elgin
    Saturday, November 15
    116 N Channing Street, Elgin
    Wednesday, November 19
    484 Division Street, Elgin
     313 Gertrude Street, Elgin
    Friday, November 21
    484 Division Street, Elgin
    Saturday, November 22
    484 Division Street, Elgin
    Wednesday, November 26
    484 Division Street, Elgin
    Saturday, November 29
    484 Division Street, Elgin

    Questions? Contact:
    Olivia Vlahos
    Volunteer & Outreach Manager


    Donor Spotlight

    Zurich North America

    Thank you to everyone that played the Zurich Charity Cup game for Habitat for Humanity!! With 433,052 total points, we had a big turnaround from last place last year, to first place this year!! This additional $30,000 donation from Zurich will go directly into our construction budget for the Zurich house located a 116 N Channing Street in Elgin.


    Cars for Homes

    Have a car that is leaking oil on your drive?? Consider a donation to Habitat's Cars for Homes program!! Click Here for Details!!

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